A little bit about this blog

As an avid sports card & memorabilia collector I love to check out other people’s collections. Whether it be flashy multicolor patches, scarce autographs, or every Topps card produced in the 90’s they all have a place in someone’s collection. Well this is my collection. It will be a constant work in progress as I upload my new hits, some old ones, and maybe even some of the awesome hits I see get pulled.  If I’m feeling ambitious there may even be a bit of commentary in between,  but don’t worry, I know I’m no journalist so the main focus will be on the cards & memorabilia.  Pretty much everything you see here is available for sale or trade. As much as I love to collect I’m always chasing that next big bit so don’t be afraid to inquire about anything you like.  Sit back & relax, enjoy the cards, and be sure to check back in for updates.



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